David Rumsey

David Rumsey Map Collection

David Rumsey is president of Cartography Associates, a digital publishing company based in San Francisco, and is chairman of Luna Imaging, a provider of enterprise software for online image collections. He was a founding member of Yale Research Associates in the Arts, also known as PULSA, a group of artists working with electronic technologies. He subsequently became associate director of the American Society for Eastern Arts in San Francisco.

Rumsey began building a collection of North and South American historical maps and related cartographic materials in 1980. His collection, with more than 150,000 maps, is one of the largest private map collections in the United States. In 1995, Rumsey launched the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com. The free, public online website contains more than 30,000 high resolution images of maps.

In 2002, Rumsey was given an Honors Award from the Special Libraries Association for making his private map collection available to the public online. In the same year his map website won a Webby Award for Technical Achievement. The site has won numerous other web awards and has been featured in Wired magazine, MIT Technology Review, Mercator's World magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, and on TechTV.

Rumsey received his BA and MFA from Yale University where he was a lecturer at the Yale Art School. He has served on the boards of the John Carter Brown Library, the Internet Archive, The Long Now Foundation, the Stanford University Library Advisory Board, CLIR, the American Antiquarian Society, Yale Library Associates and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

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