Richard Caceres

Software Engineer

Richard Caceres is an engineer at the Internet Archive on the books team, and works across a wide-range of projects. Recently he updated the Internet Archive's open source book reader interface and made it mobile friendly. He is also the developer for the Internet Archive's online book editing software, RePublisher. At the moment, he is improving the underlying system which stores book loans on In 2016 he helped organize the Decentralized Web Summit with Wendy Hanamura.

Caceres has a background in computer science and interactive design, and graduated from UCLA's Design Media Arts program. Prior to joining Internet Archive he became a partner at Cargo Collective. He also co-founded a company while spending a few years consulting and working on self-initiated projects.

As a product maker, he is driven to create things with computers that do good. The Internet Archive is a great place to contribute to high-impact projects that make the world a better place.

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