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Empowering Libraries Through the Internet Archive’s Open Libraries Program

The Internet Archive’s Open Libraries program empowers libraries to lend digital books to patrons using Controlled Digital Lending. Watch the webinar recording to learn how CDL works, the benefits of the Open Libraries program, and the impact that the program is having for partner libraries and the communities they serve.

Presentations and public talks

The purpose of the 2019 Library Leaders Forum was to continue developing the Internet Archive’s Open Libraries program and to build a community of practice around controlled digital lending. In our one day workshop, we brought together libraries that have implemented controlled digital lending and those that are considering it so as to share information and support one another in developing controlled digital lending at scale.

A panel discussion at Boston Public Library that was held on Thursday, February 21, 2019, featuring Brewster Kahle (founder of Internet Archive), David Leonard (BPL President), Amy Brand (Director of MIT Press ), and Maria McCauley (Director of Cambridge Public Library) discussing the future of the book and digital access.

Brewster Kahle and David Leonard, President of the Boston Public Library, talking about Controlled Digital Lending and the Great 78 Project on NPR in Boston on February 22, 2019.

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